New Ways for Marketers and Merchants to Deliver Personalized Experiences: Key Takeaways From Salesforce Connections 2024

Last week at Salesforce Connections 2024 we learned how Marketing and Commerce professionals can utilize CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

Innovations and releases for Einstein Copilot, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and more, and working with the right implementation partner will make Data and AI success happen for your organization.

Below are the key takeaways from the event.

Streamlining Marketing with AI

Einstein Copilot for Marketers automates key marketing tasks such as campaign brief creation, content development, and personalized promotions. It leverages AI to generate insights and recommendations, making it easier for marketers to craft effective campaigns and tailor their messaging to individual customer needs. The tool aims to enhance efficiency, improve personalization, and drive better engagement with customers. During a recent webinar, marketing cloud experts at Plative dove into how companies are doing this now.

Enhancing E-Commerce with AI

Einstein Copilot for Merchants simplifies the setup of online storefronts and generates personalized promotions. It uses AI-powered insights to tailor shopping experiences, streamline product listings, and enhance customer engagement. The goal is to make it easier for merchants to manage their e-commerce operations and drive sales through intelligent automation and data-driven recommendations.

Transforming Shopper Experience with AI

Einstein Copilot for Shoppers provides a unified, seamless checkout experience across all customer touchpoints on the Einstein 1 Platform. It simplifies the payment process by allowing customers to use their preferred payment methods with a single click, regardless of the device or channel they use. This enhances convenience and consistency, aiming to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cart abandonment. 

In addition to simplifying the payment process, Einstein Copilot for Shoppers offers features like personalized product recommendations, intelligent search capabilities, and real-time support. These enhancements help shoppers find products more easily, receive tailored suggestions, and get assistance when needed, improving the overall shopping experience.

Unifying Data for Enhanced Commerce

Data Cloud for Commerce by Salesforce unifies business and customer data to deliver smart insights and personalized experiences. It helps businesses understand customer behavior, preferences, and trends by integrating data from various sources. This unified data approach enables merchants to create targeted marketing campaigns, optimize product recommendations, and enhance customer engagement, ultimately driving sales and improving the shopping experience.

Leveraging These Practical and Relevant AI Solutions

If you’re incredibly excited but admittedly overwhelmed by all of these announcements, enhancements, and releases, don’t worry. Plative is here to empower your company with practical, intelligent, and unbelievably powerful AI solutions across your enterprise systems that people won’t be able to work without. We’re your Salesforce AI experts

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