Salesforce Evergreen: A Serverless Addition to the Customer 360 Platform

In more recent Salesforce Platform news, Salesforce recently released a limited access developer preview of Salesforce Evergreen with the Spring ‘20 release. Evergreen is a new addition to the Customer 360 Platform that supports technologies and architecture that make digital development teams productive and happy while delivering engaging digital experiences to customers. 

As part of the Salesforce platform, Evergreen brings serverless service and functions, supports open programming languages, and managed data stores. It combines Lightning features with Heroku’s scalable container runtimes. Powered by Kubernetes, this low-code platform plus easy access to customer data makes it a huge upgrade for building digital experiences. 

Apps, functions, and services can be built using any supported programming language like Apex, Node.js, and/or Java allowing for more innovation and Salesforce development opportunities, and less focus on infrastructure. Managed data stores like Postgres, Apache Kafka, and Redis complement the Salesforce Data APIs for high-performance. Salesforce Evergreen is a scalable solution that saves your development team time and effort while creating personalized digital experiences.

Salesforce Evergreen

Connected digital experiences are what customers want and Evergreen provides a productive way to get us there. We are excited to learn more about it and keep you updated along the way. 

Written by

Andrew Vays

Director, Managed Services

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