Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – What it Means For Your Organization

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a new Salesforce for Nonprofits solution designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations and help them better achieve their missions.

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Nonprofit Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, and it includes a range of features that are specifically tailored to nonprofit organizations. These features include tools for managing donor relationships, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer programs. Nonprofit Cloud also includes advanced analytics capabilities, which can help organizations track their impact and measure their success.

What Does Nonprofit Cloud Cost?

Currently, NPSP licenses are sold as either “Sales Cloud + Service Cloud Enterprise Edition” which costs $576/user/year, or Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition which costs $432/user/year. In comparison, the new “Nonprofit Cloud Enterprise Edition” SKU has been introduced at a per-user cost of $720 annually. It still remains to be confirmed if those discounted rates for the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud SKUs will continue.

We Already Have NPSP… Do We Need To Change Over?

For existing Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) customers, the addition of Nonprofit Cloud may raise some questions. According to Salesforce, the two solutions will coexist, and customers will be able to choose which solution best meets their needs. Salesforce has stated that it will continue to support NPSP and will work with customers to help them migrate to Nonprofit Cloud if and when they are ready.

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However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that NPSP customers have had to make a choice about upgrading to a new version. In 2015, Salesforce released NPSP version 3, which was a major upgrade from the previous version. This upgrade included a range of new features and improvements, but it also required customers to go through a migration process.

The migration process from NPSP version 2 to version 3 was not without its challenges. Some customers reported issues with data migration and customization, and there were concerns about compatibility with third-party apps. However, Salesforce worked closely with customers to address these issues, and many organizations successfully made the transition to the new version.

What’s The Difference Between Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP?

First, Nonprofit Cloud is now being packaged as a distinct industry cloud offering from Salesforce. Similar to Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and others. This is a departure from the NPSP framework which is a series of managed packages, built by Salesforce, that are installed on top of Enterprise Editions of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud.

The platform has matured beyond its early stages, with Plative already assisting numerous customers in navigating this transition.


Omnistudio enables you to build digital-first experiences for your users tailored to your industry. This is not a new solution. In fact, other industry clouds already take advantage of Omnistudio like Financial Services Cloud for automated onboarding and account opening. Put plainly, Omnistudio is a mechanism by which you can design guided, dynamic user experiences for repetitive tasks like, volunteer or partner onboarding, or appointment setting with a click-and-drag UI. Omnistudio can also be used outside of Salesforce, which enables nonprofit organizations to create experiences for program application and enrollment flows, to event registration, attendance tracking, and more.

Life Events and Milestones

Life events and Milestones is a clever way to keep track of important milestones in your constituents’ lives and deepen your connection with them. Already a major component of other industry solutions like Financial Services Cloud, this is adapted for Nonprofit Cloud. 

Accounting Subledger

Accounting Subledger is an application designed to streamline the accounting process, improve financial reporting, and provide better visibility into an organization’s financial data. It acts as a bridge between your company’s Salesforce data and your accounting system, enabling you to create accounting entries from Salesforce transactions and records.

Salesforce Accounting Subledger Growth Plan integrates seamlessly with popular accounting systems such as Blackbaud Financial Edge, Sage Intacct, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Banner Finance, Oracle Peoplesoft, Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains), Workday, FinancialForce, and many more!

Outcomes Management

Outcomes Management in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is designed to help nonprofit organizations monitor, analyze, and report on the results of their programs and initiatives more effectively. This feature enables organizations to define what success looks like for their programs, set goals and metrics, and track progress over time. 

Actionable Relationship Centre (ARC)

The Actionable Relationship Centre (ARC) is a dynamic feature integrated into Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, designed to enhance engagement and relationships with constituents. ARC acts as a centralized hub, allowing nonprofit organizations to consolidate their interactions, communications, and relationships with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. 

In Summary

Overall, the addition of Nonprofit Cloud to Salesforce’s industry solutions portfolio is an exciting development for nonprofit organizations. With its advanced features and capabilities, Nonprofit Cloud has the potential to help organizations better achieve their missions and make a greater impact in their communities. And while there may be some uncertainty for existing NPSP customers, it’s clear that Salesforce is committed to supporting both solutions and helping organizations make the transition if and when they are ready.

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