The Cost Effective Slack to Salesforce Integration Method

Integrate Slack and Salesforce

Integrating Slack and Salesforce has never been easier or more cost-efficient. The Plative Slack Salesforce integration was developed by our team internally to replace an existing application that we were paying a subscription fee for when we asked ourselves, “why can’t we simply build this with Salesforce automation and API calls?”

This simple question led to the birth of what is now an application that many of our clients swear by, the Plative Slack Connector. We’ll go over some common use cases for this application.

Time-based Salesforce report summaries

How often do you forget where you placed a Salesforce report when you need it the most? For some of our clients, it’s a “last month/week/day recap” or a “please update these records” report that gets posted on a scheduled interval. This feature works with your standard and custom Salesforce reports. The possibilities are really endless here, as you can imagine how helpful it can be to bring summarized data from reports into Slack as opposed to simply posting a link.

Big deal alerts: from closed won to Slack celebration ?

If you’re in sales, you know that a big part of the feeling of success you get from closing a big deal is the shout outs and recognition that you receive from your peers and company leadership after the deal is closed-won. We’ve seen many methods of deal alerts, but in our remote world we can’t physically stand up and strike a gong on the sales floor, so Slack deal alerts are the next best thing! The Slack connector makes it easy to map opportunity fields (including lookups!) to Slack notifications, specify which channel to post the gong to, and even allows for a Giphy randomizer based on a key search term (For the example above, we chose ‘congratulations’).

Instant deal status updates: Never miss a commit

Whether you’re a sales leader, revenue ops specialist, or sales rep; pipeline updates (especially commits) are critical to your planning and workflow. This (as well as the rest of our use cases in this post) is entirely customizable and can be configured for any status change on any object in Salesforce to Slack channels or DMs!

Quote and proposal approval process: Act immediately

Sales ops, legal, and compliance teams will love being notified immediately when a quote or proposal has been submitted for review, rejected, or approved. On average, our clients estimate that they waste hours if not days in their month checking back to see if opportunities are approved and if not, what needs to change. Now, they can get this information front and center in their Slack inbox. What more: you can even reply to these notifications to automatically update Salesforce records!

Customer onboarding: Initiate new customers

Companies who leverage Salesforce for managing their customer onboarding process rejoice: now, you can get all of your Salesforce next steps and tasks sent to you in Slack so you can prioritize and act on them immediately! Salesforce process builder makes it possible for Slack to be a part of your day to day workflow and send you helpful details about your upcoming tasks all without leaving your Slack window.

Turbocharge your Slack integration with reply-to-Salesforce functionality!

First, start a Slack thread on any automated post from Salesforce?

Next, navigate to your “sent Slack notifications” tab in the Slack Lightning App in Salesforce to view any replies to that post! ?

Discover more possibilities

Our Salesforce to Slack connector is different than others because it isĀ built on the Salesforce platform and leverages Salesforce-specific technology like process builder, custom objects, and Lightning components. Each time we implement this, our clients are shocked at how fast it is to deploy and customize so you can make it your own. Seeing is believing: Contact us for a demo today!

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Gregory DelGenio

Greg DelGenio

Partner and Chief Revenue Officer

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