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Our award-winning Salesforce CPQ consultants can help you harness the power of Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, and subscription management tools for your growing company.

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Salesforce CPQ Consulting

Take charge of your revenue lifecycle with Salesforce CPQ. Our award-winning Salesforce CPQ consultants will help you optimize your buyer’s experience, automate approval rules and product rules, streamline quoting and deliver beautiful and impactful proposals, and create more efficiencies that empower your sales team to do what they do best: win deals.

Salesforce Billing Consulting

Take charge of subscription billing with flexible terms across multiple product lines. With Salesforce Billing, you can manage co-term subscriptions, renewals, customized payment terms, and one-off modifications with ease.

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Manage every deal, and understand your funnel like never before with Salesforce Revenue Intelligence. Powered by Salesforce CRM Analytics, Revenue Intelligence gives your revenue organization the ability to make data-driven business decisions, forecast with confidence, and track each of your KPIs with beautiful graphical representations of your underlying data.

Salesforce Sales Engagement

Boost rep productivity while maximizing your sales team’s outbound capabilities. Using Sales Cadences, your sales team can configure a set list of steps that each prospect or customer gets walked through which can contain emails, calls, and other activities so nothing falls through the cracks. Using Salesforce Lightning Dialer, you can empower your sales team to make calls with one click.

Award Winning Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultants

Discover the power of implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud with our proven expertise.


Turbocharge Your Lead-to-Cash

Improve your speed-to-lead, then automate and compartmentalize every process in between qualifying that lead through the buyer journey, including setting up your products, services, and guided selling methodology. Once the opportunity closes, we’ll help you manage billing, subscriptions and entitlements, and revenue recognition.


Increase Net Revenue Retention

Automate and streamline the renewal process for all subscription services and products you sell. Give your sales team insight and visibility into their customer renewal pipeline and empower customer success teams to view every stage of the customer journey. Make upselling and cross-selling a breeze with clear renewal processes.


Integrate With Your ERP System

Salesforce CPQ connects seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite and other industry-leading ERP solutions so you can generate orders and prepare for fulfillment, whatever that means to your business. When your ERP is seamlessly connected to your CPQ solution, you can eliminate manual processes and reduce the possibility for human error.


Automate Quote and Proposal Generation

Provide a consistent and simple mechanism for your sales reps to build and generate custom-branded proposals that will set you apart from your competition. Automate standard terms based on the products and services that you sell, and eliminate the need to edit proposals in document editing applications after generation.


Close More Deals With Guided Selling

Help your sales team speed through the quoting process with predictive product and service recommendations for increased cross-selling capabilities and attach rates. Give your sales reps better insights into your customers’ buying behaviors to arm them to win more deals and build better proposals that have a high close rate.


Stop Revenue Leakage

Take advantage of Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals to automate and add a framework to your organization’s discounting and negotiation process so sales, finance, and legal can all be involved in the same automated approval process. Never let a deal go out the door without the correct level of approval, and stop leaving money on the table.

Offerings for Every Stage of Your Salesforce CPQ Journey

Strategy and Advisory

Strategy first, technology second. That’s the mindset we challenge our clients to adopt, particularly when they need help with a vision. We bring our industry-specific guidance and similar project experience to the table in order to develop a roadmap that aligns with your business priorities across the front and back office.

Implementation and Optimization

Bring us your gnarliest challenges and we’ll bring our deep expertise, earned from delivering over 2,000 successful projects to your next digital innovation project. We’ll implement and integrate your marketing automation, CRM, CPQ, and ERP solutions for a single mission control in the cloud for your company.

Industry-Specific CRM and ERP

The problem with most technology solutions is that they’re generic and don’t quite fit with the complex processes needed for your business. That’s where our team of industry experts come in to advise and deploy a solution that re-imagines what CRM and ERP should be from the ground up.

Ongoing Innovation

The real innovation happens after your solution goes live. That’s why Plative has developed a proprietary delivery methodology built to act as a strategic extension of your team that proactively creates and modifies a long-term enhancements backlog and executes along with your team in an agile format.

“We honestly would not be where we are today without Plative.”

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Revenue Operations Director, Hover Inc.

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Our Services for Every Step in Your Transformation Journey


Strategy and Advisory

Partner with Plative to design a roadmap to the future state of your company– then let us make it real by advising on implementation methodology, change management, and user adoption strategies. By putting strategy and process before technology, we’ll help you prevent technical debt and mitigate risk.


Consulting and Implementation

Whether your project requires implementation, optimization, migration, integration, or all the above, Plative will build a project blueprint to help you achieve the future state of your business then get to work on implementing it. Our industry specialists speak your language and will help you bridge the gap between your industry-specific needs and Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite.


Managed Services

Plative isn’t your average managed services provider. We staff a dedicated group of cross-cloud technologists who will act as a strategic extension of your team on a part-or-full time basis to plan, design, and implement change in an agile format.


Zero to Cloud in 60 Days

Ready to go from zero to cloud in sixty days? Plative will implement Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, or both, and replace the systems you’ve outgrown to prepare your company for the next phase of growth with our accelerated paths to implementation.

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