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Streamline every step of your revenue lifecycle with Salesforce RLM (Revenue Lifecycle Management). Partner with our award-winning team of consultants and revops experts to optimize CPQ, contracts, subscriptions, billing, and order to cash on one platform.

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Salesforce CPQ

Pricing management, product catalogs, contract renewals, and amendments are integrated into Salesforce. The key distinction between RLM and Salesforce CPQ lies in the fact that RLM utilizes Salesforce Core (standard) objects instead of a managed package, the traditional structure for CPQ..

Salesforce Contract Management

Say goodbye to the need for third party applications to handle your contract document generation, redlining, approval, and change management processes. Salesforce Contracts streamline these tasks seamlessly, leveraging the power of the Einstein 1 Platform.

Salesforce Subscription Management

Establish and automate processes for handling one-time and subscription sales. Develop and organize product catalogs, incorporating product bundles. Handle pricing, quoting, invoicing, payment processing, refunds, credit memos, and monitoring customer purchases longitudinally.

Salesforce Billing

Streamline your recurring billing process on Salesforce across all channels. Utilize Salesforce’s invoice scheduler for seamless scheduling at any frequency. Accept payments through various gateways, including Salesforce’s native option or any partner on the AppExchange.

Salesforce RLM vs Salesforce CPQ

We’ll help you demystify which product is best for your revops needs.

Object ModelManaged PackageNative on Einstein 1 Platform
APIsPre-configured APIsHeadless
OmnichannelCustomization RequiredSell Anywhere
PromotionsCustomization RequiredDiscount Calendar Functionality
Pricing WaterfallCustomization RequiredNative to RLM
Usage Based PricingStandard in CPQ PlusNot Yet Available
Contract ManagementRequires IntegrationsSalesforce Contracts
ApprovalsAdvanced Approvals OptionalStandard Approvals Only
Order to CashCustomization/Integrations RequiredNative to RLM

Benefits of Salesforce RLM


Increase Close Rate

Enhance seller efficiency through streamlined quoting, guided sales processes, automated approvals, quote controls, and simplified contract generation.


Enhance Customer Experience

Empower your customers with self-service for a seamless customer experience and enable product-led growth strategies with Salesforce.


Unify Front and Back Office

Increase order to cash visibility, introduce business model flexibility, automated billing, reduced operating expenses.


Reduce Administration Burden

By combining CPQ, subscriptions, billing, self-service, and more on the Einstein 1 Platform, you can reduce integration-related maintenance.

“In the past, we faced challenges with quickly gathering and ensuring the accuracy of our numbers—likely due to human error and a lengthy process of consolidating data from multiple different systems. Now, with our new environment, we not only work more efficiently but also have better tooling in place, enabling us to generate accurate data swiftly so we can spend more time working with our customers.”

Phil Charland

Chief Revenue Officer, SchoolStatus

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Our Services for Every Step in Your Transformation Journey


Strategy and Advisory

Partner with Plative to design a roadmap to the future state of your company– then let us make it real by advising on implementation methodology, change management, and user adoption strategies. By putting strategy and process before technology, we’ll help you prevent technical debt and mitigate risk.


Consulting and Implementation

Whether your project requires implementation, optimization, migration, integration, or all the above, Plative will build a project blueprint to help you achieve the future state of your business then get to work on implementing it. Our industry specialists speak your language and will help you bridge the gap between your industry-specific needs and Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite.


Managed Services

Plative isn’t your average managed services provider. We staff a dedicated group of cross-cloud technologists who will act as a strategic extension of your team on a part-or-full time basis to plan, design, and implement change in an agile format.


Zero to Cloud in 60 Days

Ready to go from zero to cloud in sixty days? Plative will implement Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, or both, and replace the systems you’ve outgrown to prepare your company for the next phase of growth with our accelerated paths to implementation.

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