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Our team of Tableau consultants can help your company connect the dots and make data-driven decisions.

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Tableau Implementation and Consulting

Our award-winning team can help you use Tableau to make decisions informed by data for successful outcomes.

Capture All Departments KPIs in One Data Platform

Never present data without context. Visualize all of your company’s data and build in benchmarking from your historical performance as well as your goals for any given time period. With Tableau, we can help you ensure that your dashboards and data lenses are all built with your intended outcomes in mind.

Make Better Decisions With AI

Using intelligent predictions, recommendations, and automation powered by artificial intelligence will help you uncover answers to business issues in real-time, proactively.

Get Proactive Notifications with Data Monitoring

Tableau enables you to automate the monitoring of your data and push updates about certain thresholds that are hit via Slack, Email, or other methods to help you and your team make impactful and timely decisions instead of being reactive.

Connect Data Across Multiple Platforms

Tableau enables you to connect your separate CRM, Marketing, ERP, and more systems to display business performance data across multiple source platforms.

Build and Integrate Your Data Warehouse

Whether you’re an AWS, Azure, Databricks, or Snowflake shop; our professionals can connect your data warehouse or data lake with Tableau. Don’t have a data strategy? Not a problem. Our consultants can help you develop, deploy, and maintain your data strategy.

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Salesforce Analytics Is More Than Just Tableau

While Tableau may be the most well-known, we help companies of all sizes implement the full suite of Salesforce Analytics solutions.



Make better and data-backed decisions by implementing the world’s leading analytics platform.


Revenue Intelligence

Earn and grow predictable revenue with AI-driven insights that sales and demand generation teams will love.


B2B Marketing Analytics

Salesforce Account Engagement and B2B Marketing Analytics are a great combination to maximize your Account-Based Marketing.


CRM Analytics

Equip your customer-facing teams with AI-powered analytics that are native to Salesforce


Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Unlock powerful decision-making capabilities and understand your highest-ROI channels.


Salesforce Advisor Analytics

Combine Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Advisor Analytics to get a deeper view of your client’s needs.

Our Services for Every Step in Your Transformation Journey


Strategy and Advisory

Partner with Plative to design a roadmap to the future state of your company– then let us make it real by advising on implementation methodology, change management, and user adoption strategies. By putting strategy and process before technology, we’ll help you prevent technical debt and mitigate risk.


Consulting and Implementation

Whether your project requires implementation, optimization, migration, integration, or all the above, Plative will build a project blueprint to help you achieve the future state of your business then get to work on implementing it. Our industry specialists speak your language and will help you bridge the gap between your industry-specific needs and Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite.


Managed Services

Plative isn’t your average managed services provider. We staff a dedicated group of cross-cloud technologists who will act as a strategic extension of your team on a part-or-full time basis to plan, design, and implement change in an agile format.


Zero to Cloud in 60 Days

Ready to go from zero to cloud in sixty days? Plative will implement Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, or both, and replace the systems you’ve outgrown to prepare your company for the next phase of growth with our accelerated paths to implementation.

Check Out Our Insights

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Admin Workshop

The Analytics team at Plative has developed this interactive workshop to give NetSuite administrators and prospective customers an overview of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and how it can be leveraged to empower your organization.

Snowflake and Salesforce: Better Together

Salesforce was not built to be your data warehouse. That’s where Snowflake comes in. The modern digital ecosystem creates endless data points and they all need a home. What we care about today may change tomorrow. What we care about tomorrow may need to look at yesterday to make informed decisions. Nobody likes a hoarder…

Einstein Analytics is Now Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM announcement | This week at Tableau Conference, Salesforce took a big step forward towards it’s integration of Tableau into their broader Analytics offerings by rebranding Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM. This comes on the heels of last month’s news of Tableau’s new Lightning Web Component that I wrote about. Einstein becoming Tableau CRM…

Breaking: Embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce With Lightning Web Component

Tableau users rejoice: You can now embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce! We noted in a previous blog about differences between Einstein Analytics, Tableau, and others, that Einstein’s competitive differentiator is the tool’s ability to embed dashboards in Salesforce records. With the release of Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component, that’s no longer the case. On September…

6 Steps to Integrating Google BigQuery with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Performing analytics on data warehouse data is a core use case for many of our clients who look to purchase Salesforce Einstein Analytics, so it’s no wonder that Salesforce decided to introduce a native connector to Google’s BigQuery as part of Einstein Analytics. Last time, when we went through surfacing NetSuite data in Salesforce using…

Step Up to Tableau CRM for Salesforce

Tableau CRM for Salesforce replacing the “Quarterly Performance” default dashboard to bring critical and actionable performance analytics to the first screen I view when I log into Salesforce. My Beef With Traditional Reporting As a sales leader, most of my Salesforce requirements revolve around the following principle: I need my CRM to be an excellent…

Salesforce Shield Implementation | Securing Your Sensitive Data

Secure Your Most Sensitive Data With Salesforce Shield Salesforce is the most widely adopted CRM platform in the world. With this, comes the responsibility of transmitting and storing very sensitive data from the world’s top companies. Salesforce takes this very seriously and released Salesforce Shield back in 2015. Salesforce Shield introduces a suite of compliance…

Combine NetSuite and Salesforce Data In Einstein Analytics

When Plative entered the ERP space, NetSuite was an obvious choice, it’s a top tier ERP, its cloud-based, and from a user base perspective, it has significant overlap with Salesforce. As you can imagine we do quite a bit of NetSuite/Salesforce integration work and depending on the requirements, the project can be time-intensive. That’s why…

Einstein vs Tableau vs Custom Development: Salesforce BI Comparison

Einstein vs Tableau vs Others So… you’ve implemented your new Salesforce CRM and began to systematize your most critical institutionalized processes. Congratulations! Now, if you’re like most of our clients at this point, more and more data is populating and you’re doing your best to couple this ever-expanding dataset with external system data to inform…

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