Stop the manual pricing and quoting work. Automate with Plative’s Salesforce CPQ for Tech.

Time and time again we see tech companies who come to us bogged down by custom pricing and quoting. It breaks our hearts! Luckily, the solution is straightforward. 

It’s Salesforce CPQ with Plative’s custom automations for tech which can automate their pricing and quoting processes, providing a seamless and streamlined experience for both sales teams and customers. 

Here are our favorite ways in which we’ve seen Salesforce CPQ help our technology customers automate their pricing and quoting:

Streamline product configuration:

Salesforce CPQ allows technology companies to streamline the product configuration process by automating the selection of the right products and services based on the specific needs and requirements of customers. It enables sales reps to generate accurate quotes in a matter of minutes instead of days, eliminating the possibility of human error and ensuring that the pricing and quoting process is smooth and efficient.

Simplify pricing management:

Pricing management can be a complex task for technology companies, especially when dealing with different product lines and pricing models. Salesforce CPQ provides an intuitive platform to manage pricing rules, discounts, and promotions across all products and services, and sales reps can quickly generate quotes based on the latest pricing rules.

Customizable quotes:

Salesforce CPQ helps technology companies create customized quotes that match the unique requirements of each customer. Sales reps can configure quotes to include specific products and services, add and remove line items, modify prices, and apply discounts or promotions, all in a single platform.

Contract management:

Salesforce CPQ enables technology companies to manage contracts from creation to renewal, ensuring that all customer requirements are met. The platform offers a single source of truth for all contract-related information, including billing details, pricing, and contract renewals. Sales reps can track the status of each contract, reducing the need for manual data entry, and minimize errors.


Salesforce CPQ provides analytics and insights that help technology companies make informed decisions. Sales reps can track quote status, conversion rates, revenue, and pipeline performance, providing them with data-driven insights to optimize the quoting and pricing process.

In summary, Salesforce CPQ provides a powerful platform that enables technology companies to automate their pricing and quoting processes, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

By streamlining product configuration, simplifying pricing management, and offering customizable quotes, contract management, and analytics, Plative’s Salesforce CPQ helps technology companies focus on what they do best, innovation and customer satisfaction.
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Written by
Gregory DelGenio

Greg Delgenio

Chief Revenue Officer

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