SuiteWorld 2023: Next up for NetSuite + AI and a Spotlight on Customer Success

SuiteWorld 2023

SuiteWorld 2023 was one for the books. Our team was on the conference floor in Las Vegas for the week to meet with you and to hear the exciting announcements from NetSuite in-person. This year was also extra special as we were able to spotlight two of our customers – Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey and Fortessa Tableware Solutions.

Next Up for NetSuite + AI

AI has been a hot topic this year, and SuiteWorld was no exception. NetSuite, which already has powerful AI capabilities through sharing a platform with Oracle, introduced a new feature called NetSuite Text Enhance. This feature is designed to benefit various departments, like finance, HR, supply chain, sales, and customer support, allowing users to create more relevant content and improve existing material.

This will translate to improved finance and accounting operations for businesses, such as quicker collections and faster book closures. In supply chain and operations, it means simpler purchasing, logistics, and better product-related communications. Sales and marketing efforts get a boost with AI-generated personalized email content, contextual responses, and compelling quotes. Human resources activities become faster and more accurate, covering tasks like crafting job descriptions and summarizing employee performance.

What is likely most enticing for customers is that NetSuite’s Text Enhance is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, eliminating the need to input customer data into a third-party application and ensuring better data integrity, privacy, and security.

At Plative we know AI isn’t the future, it’s now. Let us help your business leverage NetSuite’s powerful AI capabilities NOW and give your team practical solutions that they will use every day. To find out if your business is ready for AI, take our AI Assessment or get in touch.

Thank you to both Uncle Nearest and Fortessa for your partnership, for participating in our cornhole contest giveaway, and for hosting a whiskey tasting at Plativefest.

Uncle Nearest whiskey tasting at Plativefest

Uncle Nearest + NetSuite

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a highly acclaimed brand inspired by the legacy of Nathan “Nearest” Green, the first known African-American master distiller. With over 250,000 cases of whiskey sold per year, Uncle Nearest was looking for a solution that would scale with their record growth. By implementing NetSuite, Uncle Nearest has supported its growth through automation and establishing a centralized financial reporting system.

Plative at SuiteWorld booth

Fortessa + NetSuite

Fortessa® tableware is used by over 80% of the Forbes Four and Five-Star Hotels in North America and is sold in 6,600 retail locations in the United States. To continue its 25+ years of growth and excellent customer service, Fortessa needed to replace disparate systems with one that could better handle the variety of ways customers buy their products.  Since adopting NetSuite, Fortessa has reduced time spent on system management, eliminated spreadsheets, and enhanced security for customer data. And because they use a sandbox to test NetSuite updates, they’ve reduced system downtime.

Plativefest Las Vegas

With the help of Spiff and Salto, we pulled off another successful Plativefest at SuiteWorld. We hosted the happy hour of the week that even included an amazing Whiskey tasting from Uncle Nearest.  Our partners, customers, and new friends enjoyed delicious bites and refreshing beverages while we discussed why thousands of companies have trusted us to implement, optimize, and manage their NetSuite technology.

What’s Next?

SuiteWorld 2023 was a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead with NetSuite and AI. With Plative’s help, you can now expand NetSuite’s capabilities to develop incredibly powerful AI solutions now.

Whether you’re ready to make the most of NetSuite’s AI functionality or get started on your journey, we’d be glad to share what we’ve learned from the 1,000+ completed projects and programs built to get the most out of the #1 cloud ERP. Let’s talk.

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