Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions For Oracle NetSuite

With our help, you can unlock the immense potential of NetSuite AI. Supported by the incredibly powerful cloud infrastructure of Oracle, NetSuite has robust potential for embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning into the products that its customers use every day.

Together, We Can Unlock The Full Potential of NetSuite

Powered by the immense capabilities of Oracle cloud infrastructure, we can help you tap into the true potential of NetSuite.

Saved Search GPT

Any NetSuite customer knows the power of Saved Searches already. Empowering users to create reusable search definitions already saves users time and effort.

We’re able to take saved searches to the next level, by enabling a language learning model (LLM) powered chatbot to exist within a Suitelet so you can interact, chat, and ask questions as you would plainly speak with a colleague.

Thanks to NetSuite’s robust infrastructure, this functionality can help you draw inferences based on your on-platform data, as well as data sources that are integrated with third-party systems like Concur, Salesforce, and much more.

Generative AI + SuiteAnalytics Datasets & Workbooks

Thanks to Oracle’s powerful cloud infrastructure that NetSuite is built on, AI can propose recommendations, make inferences, and communicate in your language to provide details on open invoices, orders, or any record within NetSuite.

Taking that a step further, NetSuite can automatically alert your users based on events that the system captures. It can even begin or kick off workflows to start a new process that’s defined by your business users.

NetSuite AI Bots and Assistants

AI in NetSuite can help you kick off and automate well-defined tasks with accompanying workflows. It can also help you identify human error in records like general ledger exceptions and inventory reorder points.

Many NetSuite products like Planning and Budgeting and Analytics Warehouse are already taking advantage of these capabilities, but the possibilities extend far beyond what’s out of the box.

Take AI for NetSuite A Step Further

With our help, you can expand NetSuite’s capabilities to develop your own incredibly powerful AI solutions.

Meet Plaito, The AI Assistant That Knows Your Company’s Data

Developed and optimized by an internal group of engineers within Plative who’ve been given a high degree of autonomy to develop practical solutions to bring generative AI to our customers.

We’re able to connect Plaito to your company’s data sources of truth like Google Drive, Confluence, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, and more to index and inform Plaito’s responses to be unbelievably relevant.

Install Plaito in Slack, Salesforce, or NetSuite and interact just like you would with any of your team members.

Augment Your Capabilities With AI

A great example of how you can augment your company’s capabilities with AI is through Plative’s Sentiment Analysis AI.

By integrating with Gong, Zoom, Citrix, and Google Meet, we can give the AI access to your team’s calls and begin training it to learn which customers are in attendance and how to gauge their sentiment over time.

Taking that a step further, the AI will send you every customer’s sentiment, from every call within a defined set of criteria, and instantly let you reply in a thread to ask clarifying questions about that call. Think of this as an army of full-time customer service reps, available 24/7, on any device.

Now that’s #PracticalAI.

BI + AI = Better Together

AI can help you capture more data points about your business, your customers, and your operations than ever thought possible.

Our visualization accelerators for Tableau and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse will help you view all of the data you’ve collected in context with historical benchmarking over time whether it be customer sentiment, sales forecasts, or open AR balances.

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Take Plative’s AI Readiness Assessment

Is your company ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? If not, what will it take to get your people, processes, and systems optimized so you can take advantage of AI?

This is exactly what our AI Readiness Assessment virtual workshop is built to do. Together, we will help you:

  • Map your company’s data strategy
  • Confirm governance and security requirements
  • Develop a technology gap analysis to determine your readiness
  • Build a list of internal stakeholders for the change management effort
  • Develop a 12-24 month roadmap that can be actioned on

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