The NetSuite Eternal Conflict – Applied To vs. Applying Transaction

Anyone who’s ever created a transaction saved search and is looking to join say payments to an invoice or bill payments for a vendor bill has likely encountered the awkward situation of what table to join to display the correct transaction.  For some, this becomes a coin toss of which to use to retrieve the information or scratching your head wondering why it’s returning nothing. Below is a simple guide to help distinguish between the Applied to vs. Applying Transaction join fields and hopefully make you a little more efficient on your NetSuite reporting endeavors.

To start, we need to determine the context of the starting point of your search – this determines which records are relevant moving forward in the chain of transactions and which preceded the transaction context you’re searching against.

For example: You’ve created a save search and in the criteria, Type = “Invoice”. In this context, the transactions that are available for “Applied To Transactions” are the ones that precede the invoice in the transaction stream (i.e. Sales Order).

In this context, “Applied To Transactions” in this context represent the transaction records associated that are responsible for the creation of the invoice or created from however you’d like to wrap your head around it. These are: Sales Order, Opportunity, Estimate, Credit Card, Bill, Bill Credit, Expense Report. The latter accounts payable transactions when marked as ‘billable’

Therefore the transactions for “Applying Transaction” in this context represent the transaction records that follow the invoice or get applied to the invoice. These are Payment, Return Authorization, Deposit Application, Journal, Credit Memo, Item Receipt, and Currency Revaluation.

Below is a simple example of this in a saved search definition:

Search Definition: Type = “Invoice” in the criteria

Applied To v.s. Applying Transaction


Applied To v.s. Applying Transaction

For further reference you can search for this article in SuiteAnswers #72893.

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