Salesforce Einstein 1: What You Should Know, and Why You Should Upgrade

Salesforce customers that want to consolidate their systems landscape and get all of the cutting-edge AI features from Salesforce should seriously consider Einstein 1. 

What is the Einstein 1 Platform?

Einstein 1 has replaced Salesforce Unlimited Edition Plus (UE+) in the Salesforce editions catalog, offering an array of enhanced features. With Salesforce Einstein 1, customers now have access to bundled packages covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Einstein AI, Slack, Tableau, and Industries Cloud under a single license. In addition to Salesforce’s Premier Success Plan, Einstein 1 includes benefits akin to those in the Unlimited Edition such as Sandbox access. While it may seem like UE with Salesforce’s AI, Einstein 1 offers much more. Let’s delve into the details by cloud.

einstein 1

Key Benefits of Upgrading to Einstein 1

  1. Enhanced AI Capabilities: One of the standout features of Einstein 1 is its advanced AI capabilities. From predictive analytics to automated workflows, the platform is designed to leverage AI in every aspect, helping businesses make data-driven decisions with greater accuracy.
  2. Improved User Experience: With a focus on user-friendly design, Einstein 1 offers a more intuitive and streamlined interface. The addition of features like Copilot and Prompt ensures that users can quickly adapt to the platform and maximize its potential.
  3. Better Integration and Analytics: Einstein 1 boasts improved integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with other tools and platforms. Its enhanced analytics features provide deeper insights into business operations, enabling more informed decision-making.

You can immediately take advantage of Einstein 1’s AI capabilities, along with low-code tools such as Copilot, Prompt, and Model Builder. These tools are all part of the comprehensive Einstein 1 Studio, included with Einstein , and enable you to customize according to your organization’s needs, ensuring you maximize the benefits of implementing AI.

Einstein 1 for Sales

With Einstein 1 for Sales, customers are given access to a host of Salesforce products, including Salesforce Slack Elevate, Slack, and Data Cloud. Additionally, it comes with Sales Engagement and Conversation Intelligence.

Enterprise Edition (EE) $165/u/mUnlimited Edition (UE) $330/u/mEinstein 1 Sales
Sales Engagement & Conversation IntelligenceAvailable for purchase
Premier SuccessAvailable for purchase
Generative AI (Co-Pilot)Available for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Einstein ForecastingAvailable for purchase
Sales Slack ElevateAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
SlackAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Data CloudAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase

System Consolidation Benefits: Einstein 1 for Sales provides exciting possibilities to consolidate your sales tech stack spend on other processes you may be contracted with other vendors, including:

  • Outbound Sales Automation: With Salesforce Sales Engagement, you can go toe-to-toe with many of the functions and features of applications like Outreach, SalesLoft, and Apollo, built right into Salesforce.
  • Call recording and conversation intelligence: Many features from apps like Gong and Apollo can be replicated, including call recording and meeting summaries, call analytics, and call coaching for sales reps.
  • Predictive forecasting: With Einstein Forecasting, you can replicate many of the features that come with an application like Clari, but built right into Salesforce.

Einstein 1 For Service

Einstein 1 for Service Cloud provides many benefits that customer success and service teams need to delight their customers.

Enterprise Edition (EE)
Unlimited Edition (UE)
Einstein 1 Sales
Knowledge Management
Service Intelligence
Unified Voice & Messaging
Einstein For Service
Service Intelligence
Einstein BotsAvailable for purchase
Enhanced MessagingAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Feedback ManagementAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Authenticated Portal + CommunityAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
CRM AnalyticsAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
SlackAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Data CloudAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase

System Consolidation Benefits: When using Einstein 1 for Service, you gain access to many new features that could potentially replace existing technologies in your CX stack. These features include:

  • Knowledge Management: Similar to apps such as Confluence, support reps can create knowledge articles that can be shared with customers through authenticated portals or non-authenticated knowledge bases on your company’s website.
  • Service Cloud Voice and Messaging: In many scenarios, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and messaging could replace a telephony provider in your company’s stack.
  • Bots and Messaging: If your company utilizes tools like Drift, exploring the replication and enhancement of that functionality with Einstein Bots would be highly beneficial.

What is the Einstein 1 Studio and What’s Included?

Einstein 1 Studio is an integrated development environment designed to harness the full potential of Einstein 1’s capabilities. This suite includes an array of low-code tools such as Copilot, Prompt, and Model Builder, allowing users to create tailored solutions without extensive coding knowledge.

Copilot: This tool aids in the management of AI-driven processes. By automating routine tasks, Copilot frees up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic activities.

Prompt: Facilitates the creation and implementation of prompt-based workflows, streamlining operations and enhancing user productivity.

Model Builder: Empowers users to construct custom AI models specific to their business needs, ensuring that the solutions are highly relevant and effective.

Additionally, the Einstein 1 Studio provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling businesses to gain actionable insights from their data. With these features, the platform supports a flexible and scalable approach to deploying AI, ensuring that organizations can adapt as their needs evolve.

Einstein 1 for Financial Services Cloud (FSC)

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud includes all the features of Sales and Service Cloud, along with a data model designed for Insurance, Wealth Management, Asset Management, or Banking. Regardless of the industry, you have the option to choose which license type to purchase if you wish to leverage all the great AI benefits with Einstein.

Einstein 1 For Sales
Einstein 1 For Service
Financial Services Cloud Intelligence
Data Cloud
Slack Enterprise Grid
Sales ProgramsAvailable for purchase
Sales PlanningAvailable for purchase
Einstein for SalesAvailable for purchase
External Apps for Financial ServicesAvailable for purchase
Digital EngagementAvailable for purchase
Service Cloud VoiceAvailable for purchase
Service Cloud EinsteinAvailable for purchase
Feedback ManagementAvailable for purchase
Einstein Conversation InsightsAvailable for purchase
Einstein For ServiceAvailable for purchase
Customer Community For FSCAvailable for purchase

Many of the features unlocked with Einstein 1 for Financial Services could add a great deal of value. Contact us today if you’re wondering how to put these features to work in your specific industry.

Einstein for Nonprofits

Although there is no formal mention of Einstein 1 licensing for Nonprofit Cloud, there are many benefits the nonprofit organizations can expect to receive from Einstein functionality.

Einstein for Nonprofits utilizes predictive analytics and metrics derived from real-world organizational data. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the application trains on historical donor behavior and donor similarities to forecast constituent actions. These insights empower you to craft strategic campaigns and establish precise marketing objectives with enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Leverage predictive insights to gain deeper insights into your donor base through:

  • Implement Einstein for Nonprofits to empower admins in producing predictive insights through the bundled Einstein Prediction Builder (EPB). Acquire percentage probability scores indicating the likelihood of each constituent becoming a first-time donor, recurring donor, or top donor.
  • Utilize Backup Models to gain valuable predictive insights when your organization lacks sufficient data for predictions with EPB.
  • Setting up Contact cards to showcase predictive metrics and scores within the donor’s profile. Users can then act upon these forecasts in your nonprofit organization.

Einstein for Nonprofits delivers top-notch, budget-friendly custom predictions that can be updated daily. Say goodbye to pricey consulting contracts that leave your analytics outdated. Utilize Einstein for Nonprofits to achieve your fundraising goals faster..

Considerations Before Upgrading

Einstein One is a game-changer for businesses looking to leverage AI in their operations. With its enhanced capabilities, user experience, and integration options, it promises to revolutionize the way organizations work.  Our team can assist with everything from strategy and implementation to ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum ROI.  Let’s take your business to new heights with AI-powered insights and automation.

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