At Plative, we partner with our clients and alliance partners to bring new and valuable ideas to our communities through interactive webinars. All of our webinars are available on-demand through the archive below.

Driving Dealmaking in Salesforce with A.I. Hosted by Affinity and Plative

In this session, our industry expert George Shalhoub will reveal the top ways financial services firms are using Affinity for Salesforce’s AI and automation to drive more deals. We are joined by Affinity’s Director of Product Management Brook Lane to talk about how their features will be able solve many of the industry struggles. 

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Admin Workshop

The Analytics team at Plative has developed this interactive workshop to give NetSuite administrators and prospective customers an overview of NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and how it can be leveraged to empower your organization.

Digital Trends in Wealth Management Roundtable Hosted by Salesforce and Plative

The wealth management industry is going through a massive digital transformation. With the great transfer of wealth, asset managers need to create digital channels to retain and attract the next generation of investors.  Internally wealth managers are going through internal turnover. With a large percentage of current financial advisors set to retire over the next…

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