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Companies are operating without a playbook during these unprecedented times. Every day, business leaders are being dealt a new set of factors that are evolving and shaping our day to day realities, leaving them with a duty to forge the path towards the new “normal”. In the past 14 days, I have spoken with business leaders from non-profits, financial institutions, manufacturers, technology companies, professional services organizations and more. These institutions are all being impacted in different ways, but there is a clear denominator: They require more process and technological support now than ever before and have less means to pay for them. 

At Plative, one of our core values is the commitment to our people, our clients, our partners, and our communities. We have built our company with our values leading our decisions, and that is exactly how we plan to pull our company and our clients through these uncharted times. That is why I am publicly addressing our network to tell you that the team at Plative is putting our money where our values are, and offering the time of our most senior resources to help your organization plan for the potential implications that COVID-19 will inevitably have on your organization. 

Here are the strategic and free-of-charge engagements that we’re leveraging to arm companies for what’s next: 

  1. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Assessment: Many organizations, especially those that were formed post-2008 might not have a documented, reviewed, and tested BCP. Formulating a sufficient BCP does not require a long and expensive management consulting engagement. We start off with collecting your disaster response executive committee (or helping you form one), then helping you through a business impact analysis. This is an exercise that will inform our recommendations for recovery strategies and gaps between what your organization has in place today, versus what is required in the new reality we synthesize based on the results of the business impact analysis. From there, we will help you create your own documentation and plan to enact the strategy in your organization.
  2. Virtual Work Assessment and Technology Discovery: Many companies do not have the luxuries afforded to digital-first companies like SaaS and high-tech companies who can run the bulk of their day-to-day responsibilities without going to an office. There are many points to consider when transitioning to a remote workforce, including (but not limited to) Single-sign-on access, telephony access to company phone lines, equipment registration, VPN configuration, mobile device management (MDM), and more. Our team is ready and willing to support your organization in planning the strategy to be a remote enterprise.
  3. ERP / CRM Audit and Clean-up Advisory: Our bread and butter is advising industry-leading companies on how to best implement, migrate, and adopt CRM and ERP solutions. As such, we have a great deal of experienced consultants that have seen and touched thousands of software implementations. This puts us in a unique position to advise your company on areas that should be modified to improve your company’s ability to handle uncertainties and hardships. 

Our promise is to help any organization in need to the best of our ability, and leverage our internal capabilities to support you as you navigate these unpredictable times. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at greg@plative.com if there is anything that our team can do to support your organization, or a company in need. We are here for you.

Written by
Gregory DelGenio

Gregory DelGenio

Partner and Chief Revenue Officer

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