What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

Are you outgrowing your entry-level ERP? NetSuite SuiteSuccess may be right for you!

Time for a Change

Many of our clients come to us at a point where they are quickly outgrowing their entry-level accounting or ERP system. In most cases, the catalyst for the change consists of one or many of the following:

  • Manual processes that are operationally inefficient and impossible to scale
  • Challenges with compliance and meeting auditory requirements
  • Inability to expand into new markets and geographic regions
  • Disparate data due to a lack of integration to existing systems

Traditional ERP Implementations:

Despite being overtly aware of the limitations of their existing back-office operation, businesses are often paralyzed in their decision-making by the historical perception of an ERP overhaul. Most commonly:

  • Business disruption for Executives and business process owners
  • Lengthy implementation spanning several years
  • Lack of technical expertise to maintain and innovate the system
  • Lack of personnel with ERP experience to guide the project
  • Initial and ongoing implementation expenses

With over two decades of implementation experience, Oracle NetSuite sought to change this problem. As an organization, they understood that to meet their clients where they needed to, they would have to change the way they build their product and the way it would be delivered.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess:

SuiteSuccess is both a product and delivery methodology focused on streamlining NetSuite implementations by packaging tens of thousands of global deployments across all industries into one innovative platform. By capturing two decades worth of experience into their offering, SuiteSuccess provides companies with leading best practices to increase their time to value and a superior foundation for agile innovation. In addition, NetSuite has segmented the product by market segment and industry to ensure that there is an offering for all of their clients regardless of their growth journey. In purchasing the platform, one can expect:

  • Industry expertise with more than 3,000 hours worth of preconfiguration and best practices configured into the system
  • Pre-defined roles to expedite business activation 
  • Built-in, dedicated process flows and KPIs tailored to your business 
  • Turnkey set up and training
  • Ability to immediately adopt over 250 reports, dashboards, and business intelligence built on role-based Leading Practices for your industry

Plative’s Approach:

At Plative, our mission is to have a global impact through improving our clients’ performance. Leveraging NetSuite’s OneWorld and SuiteSuccess methodology paired with our years of NetSuite experience, we help our clients realize their global business vision in record time. Our consultants advise our clients on industry best practices while taking the time to reflect on their unique differences to ensure that their solution is tailored to their business needs. We ensure that our clients can rapidly capitalize on their NetSuite investment while laying the foundation for future innovation through the following 4 steps:

If you are outgrowing your current accounting or ERP system and ready for a change, don’t let the historical perception of an ERP overhaul hold you back. With the help of SuiteSuccess and Plative, your NetSuite journey will be streamlined and meet your business needs. Reach out to us today!

Written by

Jeff St. Louis

Regional Vice President

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