Zero Copy Partner Network and other Salesforce AI Advancements: Key Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour NYC 2024

Last week at Salesforce World Tour NYC we learned all about how to build a bigger empire with CRM + AI + Data + Trust. Innovations and releases for Einstein 1 Platform, Slack, MuleSoft, and more and working with the right implementation partner will make it happen for your organization. Below are the key takeaways from the event, including the strategic steps to becoming an AI-driven enterprise.

5 Steps to Becoming an AI Enterprise

  1. Build a Customer 360 with the Einstein 1 Platform
    Harmonize and unify your data for a holistic customer view.
  2. Unify and Harmonize Your Data
    Utilize Data Cloud to deliver trusted data and metadata, laying a foundation for AI automation and analytics.
  3. Collaborate with AI
    Implement Einstein Copilot within Slack for CRM assistance that integrates seamlessly with employee workflows across various roles.
  4. Deliver AI Analytics
    Leverage Tableau Pulse for insights when and where needed and accelerate the journey from data preparation to visualization with Einstein Copilot for Tableau.
  5. Deploy Trusted AI & Copilot
    Use Einstein 1 Studio to bring AI to all parts of your business with low-code, no-code Prompt Builder, Copilot Builder, and Model Builder for custom AI solutions tailored to your data.

Sure, five steps to success with AI doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you really consider what’s involved in each step, it can get complicated quickly. Take Plative’s AI Readiness Assessment to see what step you’re on and how we can get you to the finish line before your competition. 

New Implementation and Data Governance Bundles

Salesforce introduced new bundles aimed at facilitating easier and more secure AI deployments. The AI Implementation Bundle includes critical development tools, including Salesforce Sandboxes and Data Mask, that allow IT teams to build, test, and deploy AI solutions. Notably, this bundle allows IT teams to test Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder and then train new employees on how to use generative AI safely and securely before launching it across the organization. Organizations can also customize AI experiences across departments including sales, service, IT, HR, legal, finance, and more.

The Data Governance Bundle was also announced to help manage the security and privacy of data used in AI applications. This bundle includes tools like Einstein Trust Layer, Shield, Privacy Center, and Security Center to protect data used in AI-driven activities against internal and external threats. This is critical for industries like wealth management, where regulation and data security are paramount.

Enhancements in AI Capabilities

Utilizing their vast data and metadata Salesforce integrates conversational AI within its CRM systems through Einstein Copilot, which is now generally available. Einstein Copilot leverages pre-programmed Copilot Actions to not only answer questions using your business data but also string together workflows to get things done on behalf of your employees. Recent enhancements have introduced new capabilities directly in Sales Cloud, enabling sales reps to access AI-driven insights and automate tasks without switching between applications. This development means less time navigating data and more time focused on customer interactions, without the need for extensive training.

Introducing the Zero Copy Partner Network

Significant updates were made to Data Cloud, with bidirectional Zero Copy integrations that now include major platforms like Microsoft Azure and Fabric.

These integrations are designed to streamline data management without the need for extensive custom pipelines, emphasizing Salesforce’s strategy to enhance data accessibility and collaboration across ecosystems.

zero copy integration

Expansion of AI in Financial Services and Public Sector

Salesforce continues to push into vertical-specific solutions with enhanced AI capabilities for Financial Services Cloud. Transaction Dispute Management and Einstein Copilot Banking Actions combine transaction data from banking platforms with customer data from Salesforce to automate manual tasks, reduce errors, resolve issues, and improve customer communications highlighting Salesforce’s goal of transforming customer service in the financial sector.

The Public Sector also received targeted enhancements with the introduction of Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service, aimed at improving the efficiency of caseworkers with Caseworker Narrative Generation and Einstein Activity Capture for Public Sector and integrating voice-to-text functionalities in service calls with Service Cloud Voice. 

New AI-Powered Automation Features for MuleSoft

Salesforce has enhanced MuleSoft with AI-powered automation and integration capabilities to boost productivity for developers and business teams. The update includes Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) integrated into Salesforce Flow, allowing seamless data extraction and organization from documents like PDFs and images. Additionally, Einstein for MuleSoft IDP enables the use of natural language prompts to extract data from unstructured sources. These improvements aim to automate and expedite project delivery and reduce the workload on IT teams.

new mulesoft features

Deploying These Practical and Relevant AI Solutions

If you’re incredibly excited but admittedly overwhelmed by all of these announcements, enhancements, and releases, don’t worry. Plative is here to empower your company with practical, intelligent, and unbelievably powerful AI solutions across your enterprise systems that people won’t be able to work without. We’re your Salesforce AI experts.

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