#PlativeGameChangers | Meet Sara Walther!

Plative Gamechangers Sara

Meet Sara Walther, Salesforce Consultant at Plative!

Fun Facts:

  • I was on the Math Track Team in High School.
  • I used to cocktail waitress at Harvey’s Casino in Tahoe, graveyard shift. Nevada sunrises hold a special place in my heart.
  • My cousin and I met two nurses, Patti & Paige, while road tripping through Costa Rica and Panama 6 years ago. We just booked our 7th annual trip together.


What is your favorite Plative Memory and why?

It was my first employee All Hands video call and Greg, our CRO, was welcoming and waiting for everyone to join. I remember asking myself, “Is that a dog?”. It was. He was holding and petting this fluffy little white dog. A bit different than I was accustomed to, but it was then that I knew I was in the right place.


What book are you reading right now? Any reason behind it?

I just read the final pages of Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, as I have a personal connection to the story, but I rarely read one book at a time and A Gentleman in Moscow is also on my nightstand.


How did you get to Plative?

I was beginning my search, determined to find a company that respected and valued me, my knowledge, and experience. Not just told me they did. I saw the job posting on LinkedIn. It resonated with me, and I applied. The rest is history!


If you wrote a memoir, what would you title it and why?

I would title it A Sample of Sara since I love to sample a bit of everything the world has to offer. Plus, Sara Sample is the test Contact I always create for testing 🙂


If you could go back to your first day at Plative, what advice would you give yourself?

Remember that we all make mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes. Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. I’m sure that’s a tagline somewhere.


What is your typical coffee order, and what do you think it says about you?

I rarely leave the house for coffee, so if no one else has made it for me, instant is my go-to. On the rare occasion, I walk the trail to the coffee shop, it’s a large latte. 

What does this say about me? In general, I run the gamut.


If you could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?

Telepathy. For some reason, I talk really loud on the phone. It drives me crazy. I would prefer a silent conversation.


What is your most unusual talent?

Plant propagation. It’s become more of a curse than talent, and I’m working on positive ways to handle it, like giving plants and tree seedlings away for free on the internet. 


What would you tell someone who’s thinking of applying for a job here?

Do it. Who you work with matters, and you have just found yourself a stellar group of smart, engaged, and dedicated individuals. 


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