Salesforce Launches Zero Copy Partner Network

Salesforce recently announced the debut of its Zero Copy Partner Network, a worldwide network of technology and solution partners that include key partners, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Databricks, Google Cloud, and Snowflake. Salesforce has also expanded its partnership with Microsoft to allow zero copy Data Cloud integrations through Microsoft Azure.

This network is designed to create secure, bidirectional zero-copy integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud, enabling data to be leveraged across the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform.

Understanding Zero Copy Partner Network

At its core, the Zero Copy Partner Network is engineered to enhance data sharing across multiple Salesforce organizations while maintaining strict data security and privacy measures. It signifies a shift from the conventional “copy and share” process to a more dynamic and immediate “single source of truth” approach.

zero copy integration

Instead of duplicating data every time a partner needs access, the network streamlines the viewing process. This means partners can view data in real-time without possessing a copy of the source data. Not only does this approach eliminate redundancies, but it also ensures a consistent and up to date data repository for every entity within the Salesforce network. 

Brian Millham, President and Chief Operating Officer at Salesforce, emphasizes the benefit of this approach: “With this global ecosystem of partners, companies can access all of their data, no matter where it resides, and unlock the power of all of that data within Salesforce — creating more personalized customer interactions and establishing a foundation for trusted AI, in less time and at lower cost.”

Benefits of Zero-Copy Integrations

  • Seamless External Data Access: Avoid the complexity of reverse ETL pipelines by utilizing zero copy integration. With zero copy data, team can directly access and utilize live data, ensuring real-time updates without the need for data replication.
  • Enhanced Data Utilization: Leverage unlocked data within the Salesforce Data Cloud for diverse applications such as BI, AI insights, marketing strategies, and comprehensive customer experiences, all facilitated by seamless integration and data flow.
  • Effortless insight sharing with no copy: Share critical insights and unified customer data back to original data systems without duplicating data, thanks to Salesforce’s zero copy integration capability.
  • Maintain governance and security: Zero copy integration upholds data integrity and lineage by eliminating manual data transfers, enhancing security through centralized access controls directly at the data source.
  • Ground generative AI: Connect to both structured and unstructured data effortlessly (such as PDFs), enabling the deployment of trusted, relevant generative AI across Salesforce applications without the need for extensive customization.

Zero Copy Support for Data Warehouses and Data Lakehouses

Data Cloud is enhancing its data access capabilities through expanded zero copy support, enabling direct, low-latency access to data stored in open data lakes and lakehouses, such as those using Apache Iceberg format. This upgrade allows for seamless integration and virtualization of data without the need for moving or transforming it, offering a more efficient way to leverage external datasets. Additionally, Data Cloud will extend zero copy data access to a broader range of data platforms and custom data lakes, providing Data Cloud customers with increased flexibility and options.

Unlock New Data & Insights

With the expansion of its Zero Copy Partner Network and enhanced data access capabilities, Salesforce is reaffirming its commitment to providing businesses with a trusted, unified platform for all their data needs. Connect with Plative today to learn more about how we can help your organization unlock new data and insights from your tech stack.

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